Spend the time you finish making your tea to select a winning stock for long term investment.

Step 1 :
Screener sorting : It’s a technique to screen out un necessary stocks which are not fit for long term investment.

Note : There are lot of screeners available free of cost online, for reference I am using (www.screener.in).

What is a web service?

Web services are consumer — Provider applications that communicate on the network through the HTTP protocol and exchange and exchange data as XML, JSON and other formats of data standards.

Web service architecture.

Advantages of web services?

1. Interoperability.

2. Loosely Coupled.

3. Protocol Standards.

Types of Web services?

1. SOAP — XML based where provider and consumer are both use HTTP Post for data/message exchange.

2. RESTFul — They use all the methods available in HTTP Protocol (like GET,POST,PUT,DELETE etc) and they support multiple data format like (JSON, XML, Text etc).

What is Apache CXF?

Apache CXF™…

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